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  • 1. What happens if your BREEZE Canna THC Vape is defective or becomes defective?
    Please return your BREEZE Canna THC Vape to the store of purchase and exchange it for a new device of the same SKU.
  • 2. Medical or recreational?
    BREEZE Canna THC Vapes can be purchased at medical or recreational dispensaries around the state of Michigan. Please refer to for more information.
  • 3. What should you do if your vape doesn't charge?
    If there is an issue where the charge is depleted but won’t recharge, please return the device to the store of purchase for a replacement of the same SKU. BREEZE Canna THC Vapes are designed to turn off once fully charged, there will be no indication once fully charged.
  • 4. What do the Live Resin THC Vapes contain?
    Live Resin THCa (liquid diamonds) with Live Resin Terpenes. This is not distillate.
  • 5. Where does the flavor come from?
    BREEZE Canna THC vape pens are flavored with naturally derived terpenes.
  • 6. Looking to purchase BREEZE Canna merch?
    Unfortunately, the only way to receive BREEZE Canna merch is to participate in a vendor day. To find vendor dates, follow us on Instagram at BREEZE_CANNA .
  • 7. Is there a specific power connector and/or voltage needed to connect the USB cable to?
    A regular USB power unit with a micro USB plug is sufficient to charge your BREEZE Canna device.
  • 8. Can you replace the cartridge when done? If so, what is the charging port for?
    Each BREEZE Canna Vape Cartridges are single use disposables. The ability to charge each device ensures that you are able to use the entire 1g cartridges.
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